Friday, September 28, 2007


Sign in mania begins! Guests lined up well before the 6pm beginning to make sure they were amongst the first 200 to get a swag bag.

Since My Scoop is such a treat for its readers, it was a perfect fit to have an array of sweet treats for guests. The cupcake table by KathyG summoned the chic with red velvet cupcakes, chocolate, and vanilla all iced in a rainbow of colors! Notice the very cute black and white Christopher Deane dress this chicette has on.

Chocolate table with chocolate covered popcorn, chocolate covered sunflower seeds, turtles, and chocolate cover tortilla chips by Crave Chocolate at Patton Creek.

Mixing and mingling!

Colorful hard candy display by KathyG.

The Scoopettes looking as cute as cupcakes in their bright colored mini dresses and leggings.

Swag bag excitement!

The hostesses looking poised before the event comes to an end.

After Saks is closed and the event has ended!

More photos Monday on the Best Dressed from the event! Also make sure to check the Birmingham News, Over the Mountain Journal, Birmingham Magazine's Red Lipstick article, and for more Want It! Party photos!

Leanne said...
Great, Great Party! My Scoop is off to such a wonderful start and what an awesome event!

Elizabeth said...

Melissa said...
Oh my goodness - what a great event! I loved it - the drinks, the desserts, the cute Scoopettes, and the AWESOME AWESOME bags!!! I don't mind waiting for good things!

Shannon said...
Fabulous event, Amy! Great job!!

Wade said...
Thanks, Amy -- loved it!

Stephanie said...
I am still looking through my Little Black Book of Style - it was too cute! I had no idea people would cause such chaos over swag bags - have they never been to an event and gotten wonderful goodies before - oh my gosh!

Cherieamour said...
Kudos! You should be very proud!

Todd said...
Thank you for throwing such a great party as always!

Mandy said...
In one word: FABULOUS!

Trish said...
What a wonderful event - I was so impressed by the turn out, the bags, the Scoopettes, and the fab hostesses! This was the best event I have been to in Birmingham and I also got the best swag bag I have ever gotten!

Bradford said...
It was fabulous!! Once again something you put your mind to was a terrific success!!! Not to mention, I had a great time myself and got to wear a most chic ensemble. Thank you for including me in such a fun event, I hope we get to do it again in the future!

Lynn said...
You must have been very pleased with the turnout! Congratulations on a successful event.

Kevin said...
I had a great time. Hopefully I can make it out again if I’m lucky enough to warrant another invite!

Rebecca said...
I really liked that you did desserts and candy - it fits so perfectly into the theme because My Scoop is a treat!!!

Janet said...
Great party - looking forward to the next one!


Click on the image below for information on Happi, Homewood's first men and women's boutique, hosting a chic store launch next Thursday!


A BIG thank you to all who came out for the Want It! Party at Saks. Thank you to Saks for sponsoring the event and always providing such a swanky setting for a soiree. What a tremendous turn out and as always a great looking crowd. Thank you to Crave Chocolate at Patton Creek for incredible treats, thank you to KathyG for yummy cupcakes, Peroni beer, Sofia Coppola champagne, and of course Stoli for the bar! We hope you enjoyed your swag bags and were amazed at the fanatical response towards the goodies - thank you to Saks, Books a Million, Richard Joseph Salon in Mountain Brook, Generation Dog in Homewood, Birmingham Broadway, Alabama Ballet, Sip and Strokes and Workplay for being swag providers. We apologize for any waiting in line for the event to begin, but as Marc Jacobs says after he makes people wait 2 hours for his fashion show (a tad excessive of course), "I don't see what the big deal is about waiting." More time to rub elbows with chic people like yourself!
Congratulations to:
- Irisa Kahn for winning the Stoli Elite Gift Basket featuring the crem de la crem of vodkas the $70 bottle of Stoli Elite!
- Melissa Hill for winning The Summit gift certificate
- And drum roll please...Sheena Robinson for winning the $500 Saks gift certificate
For those of you whose names were called but were not present to win - tres tres triste. I heard several of you did not hesitate to get your fall must haves, one fashionista in particular bought a new dress and changed into it at the party, while it was whispered to me that other guests spent thousands upon thousands at the Louis Vuitton counter!!
Watch for photos later today and an opportunity to win your very own Swag Bag from last night's event!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


With so many RSVPs and such notable fashionistas on the list - Thursday's My Scoop Want It! Party at Saks promises to be a fun affair! With gelato and chocolate by Crave Chocolate at Patton Creek, incredible delectable desserts by Kathy G (yum red velvet cupcakes), martinis by Stoli, Sofia Coppola champagne, Peroni beer, being served by the Scoopettes, great door prizes, and of course the $500 Saks gift certificate giveaway - I myself am trying to figure out how to go in disguise and get the goods! Last but certainly not least, I cannot leave out swag bags for the first 200 guests! Nina Garcia's Little Black Book of Style donated by Books a Million (pictured here) is part of the swag along with wonderful goodies from Saks including a clutch in select bags, a fashionista treat from Generation Dog for your pet, gift certificate from Richard Joseph Salon, Birmingham Broadway ticket vouchers, Workplay vouchers, Alabama Ballet vouchers, and the My Scoop 'Mini'!

Monday, September 24, 2007


by Jessica Vance

Don’t feel guilty about being the fashionista you are; consider these fashionably chic purchases that can be made guilt-free. Why? Because they contribute to a worthy cause, and every fashionable woman knows that can make you feel as good as a new pair of shoes!!

Represent Alabama and give to a local cause with the “Alabama Builds” tee designed by Alabama Chanin. All proceeds from the tee benefit Architecture for Humanity in their work with projects in the Gulf Coast Region. Alabama Chanin is a Florence, Alabama based company, owned and designed by Natilie “Alabama” Chanin. Their products combine new, organic, and recycled materials in all of their hand-made products. $75

It is almost time again for Saks annual Key to the Cure t-shirt release. This year the tee is designed by Juicy Couture exclusively for Saks Fifth Avenue in partnership with the Entertainment Industry Foundation(EIF). Renee Zellweger was chosen as the model for their ads and all proceeds from the shirt will benefit EIF’s Women’s Cancer Reseach fund. The tee is $35 and will be available in October, but the best time to buy will be Oct 18-21st when a percentage of all Saks sales will benefit local organizations through EIF’s Fund.
For those big spenders out there, Mercedes Benz is also partnering with the EIF with the release of an exclusive special edition 2008 C350 Sports Sedan. Interested buyers should be able to find that vehicle at local dealers now.
(Sorry, no giveaway for this one!)
Want to do something to give back? Sign up for the Susan G. Komen’s Race for the Cure. It will be in Birmingham on Saturday, October 13. Participate and receive a long-sleeve white t-shirt and a feeling that you have done something to give back. To get more information and to register check out or call 930-8886

By purchasing Unicef cards, you make a difference in child poverty across the world. This company focuses on child survival and development, basic education and gender equality, HIV/AIDs and children, child protection and policy advocacy and partnerships. UNICEF's lifesaving work is funded entirely by voluntary contributions..

Sea bags is a bagcompany that recycles old sails into great totes. They have designed a Breast Cancer Awareness bag and the medium size bags have already sold out they were so popular. The small bag is $100 and is the erfect way for a savvy fashionista to show her support.

Pandasnack is a clothing line that is changing the world being the first and only luxury bamboo clothing line on the market. With great tops and dresses this line is committed to environmental protection and fair labor practices. Our very own Doree carries this line in our region. Doree is located at SOHO in Homewood.

After all a big day of shopping, why not indulge in a large glass of wine that gives to a good cause as well. Little Black Dress (LBD) Wines has partnered with Clothes Off Our Back Foundation to host a celebrity black dress auction on Emmy day (Sept. 16). Proceeds from the auction will benefit a variety of children’s charities. Get more information at their website and find out about their sweepstakes to attend the Spring Hot Hollywood Party. (LBD Wines can be found at most Bruno’s and Publix in the Birmingham area.)

Support your local artists by taking a fun trip over to Naked Art Gallery. You will find not only oh-so hip art, but also great finds to add to your fashionista style. Of course, Naked Art is a great place to find unique gifts for friends as well. These magnets by Vero range from $7-$9.

Sunday, September 23, 2007


Autumn is here and with it bloody marys, football melodrama, and hot wings. But just because you have sticky fingers and you're surrounded by fans sporting body paint, doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your sense of style. As a favorite sorority shirt of mine in college boasted, "It's not whether you win or lose, but how you look playing the game."

Manhattan South's Lesley DeCastro in a orange Diane Medak top and Fortune denim. (Afterall both teams need a little good fortune these days and Fortune denim comes equipped with a 'fortune' in the back of every pair.) Allison Taylor in a Revolver of Los Angeles dress, Pagoda shrug, and Oh Deer shoes equipped with red soles that are pennies compared to buying Christian Louboutins! Manahttan South is located in Cahaba Village next to Whole Foods.

60's inspired dress by Karta was too cool not to feature $260. Saks Fifth Avenue at The Summit

Tory Burch, a very hot designer line whose logo is even orange and blue. These tweed shoes are chic and comfy. Gus Mayer at Colonial Brookwood Village

Orange and blue earrings by Terry Ross $82. Also available in Roll Tide colors. Lara at Patton Creek

Escio top $84. Lara at Patton Creek

Navy top by Velvet $68, Orange Lush top $36.50, Gold Sign Passion Boot jeans $198. Soca in Homewood

If orange isn't your color, opt for blue. This navy and gray Splendid jersey mini could even be paired with brick colored leggings $72. Saks Fifth Avenue at The Summmit

Sally Tseng royal blue shirt looks great tucked into high waisted denim. Swank 35223

Red trench coat by Tulle is a great addition to your Crimson collection and perfect for fall $105 with Seychelles shoes $70. Lara at Patton Creek

Red Lush Dress $68.50, Black Tulle bolero jacket $75 (because it is going to be chilly at those night games). Soca in Homewood

Add a little vintage umph to your touchdown club with this Tory Burch print belted dress. Gus Mayer at Colonial Brookwood Village

Michael Stars keyhole tunic $68. Pair this tunic with leggings or jeans for a little Roll Tide spirit. Michael Stars can be found at The Clothes Tree of Acton Road, Emma's at Lee Branch, Betsy Prince at Colonial Brookwood Village, and Private Gallery at The Summit.

Red opaque tights from Urban Outfitters are also available in a variety of colors. Urban Outfitters at The Summit

Friday, September 21, 2007


Not too long ago I discovered a cute little book called This Little Piggy Wears Prada. Full of Nursery Rhymes for the Blahnik Brigade, this book is perfect for the stylish woman. So it became a favorite gift to give friends and fashion clients. So imagine my thrill when at the Gus Mayer fashion luncheon yesterday, I received it from a dear friend as a 'mommy' gift for me and little fashionista 'to be'. Here is a sample poem:

Cobbler, Cobbler mend my shoes
Careful please their Christian Lous
Those red soles will never date
They'll still be in Spring '08

In addition to being a fun fashionable 'mum' gift, proceeds from the book also benefit Save the Children.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007



Belk partnered with the Junior League of Birmingham to put on a sophis soiree at The Summit store September 8. When I first heard of the Parisian/Belk merger I did not know what to expect and felt a huge feeling of loss for Birmingham. Over the past several months I have done my Belk research and discovered that Belk's goal is to keep the upscale brands that Parisian carried while adding on new ones. In addition for anyone who has visited the Charlotte store, this shopping mecca is in fact upscale, charming, and leaves nothing to scoff at. So as I entered the soiree at The Summit with valet service and pralines being prepared for guests outside in a huge copper pot, I realized that this wasn't your typical retail event, this was a swanky affair. As guests entered they were offered champagne or vodka tonic. Trays of tenderloin, smoked salmon, and mini hamburgers made their way passed while tall models showcased several designers.

My husband and I made our way through the crowd to familiar faces and found many young professionals in the mix. The band played jazz and a full bar was open to guests. My husband's favorite was watching a Cuban cigar man hand roll cigars. (This is also a favorite activity for him to watch during the holidays at Neiman Marcus in Atlanta). It was during this time I learned that Belk's plan was to double the size of its Summit shoe department. Every fashionista loves a huge upscale shoe department! Am I easily swayed by pralines, gift bags, and shoes? No, but I certainly am impressed with our new Belk.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


by Rebecca Mummert
I don’t know about you, but I have always watched snippets of fashion shows on TV and looked at photographs in magazines and just felt very removed from the whole thing. All the people lining the runway to watch model after model parading in ridiculous get-ups that I, for one, would never be caught dead wearing. I can remember being a little girl and watching fashion shows for what seemed like hours, mesmerized by the music and expressionless faces. Then, suddenly, the show was over, and I kind of shook my head out of my trance and went about my day, not giving much thought to it until the next time I stumbled upon a show while flipping through the channels.

Saks Fifth Avenue Want It! Advertisement

All that changed about three months ago when I moved to New York City to work in the fashion industry and live with a girl who eats, sleeps and breathes fashion. Cameron, who works at a fashion PR firm, is fashion to me. “Can I borrow your skinny jeans? Can I wear that fun necklace? Do you think this goes together?” The poor girl probably wishes she had her closet back!
Last week New York Fashion Week arrived with the same pomp and circumstance I can only compare to the start of college football season in the South. In the weeks before “kickoff”, all the girls were talking about what shows they have been invited to and what celebrities would hopefully be there. The girls who work in the industry all but disappeared for the two weeks surrounding Fashion Week - late nights and long hours doing any and everything to help the label they work for be a success. Compiling guest lists, printing name cards, calling invitees, dressing models...exhausting work and not too glamorous, but thrilling nonetheless!

Soon the models began rolling into town, and it was like a migration of a rare bird species. “Model spotting”, as I like to call it, is pretty easy to do, really. Just look for the super tall, super skinny-legged girls with messy hair and no makeup. The water cooler talk at my office centered around model spotting for several days - "There was a group of models on 23rd and 5th last night," or "I saw the skinniest one ever in SoHo!" If physical appearance doesn’t give away their model identity, just look for the carefully propped portfolio conveniently peeking out of their bag.

Thanks to my sweet roommate, I got invited to two really great fashion shows on Tuesday. The first was Monique Lhuillier at 11:00 AM in The Tent at Bryant Park. For all you new fashionistas – Bryant Park is the main hub where all the action of Fashion Week takes place. I used my lunch hour to head the 20 blocks up Broadway for the festivities. It was a rainy day, but it wasn't so bad of a commute since the subway entrance is at the end of my street, and I exited a block from Bryant Park. I left my big red galoshes at work and braved the rain in my super sassy leopard print heels - had to try to glam it up a bit! That was my problem with going to fashion shows – what in the world to wear?! Of course, black is always the safest bet, so I opted for a straight black skirt and a crisp white button up with fun jewelry and “the” shoes – hopefully I’d look like I knew what I was doing at a fashion show!

Once inside the tent, I waited in line for about 20 minutes - all the shows start late, or so I've learned. I was supposed to be standing room, but just before the show started there were empty chairs so I got to sit! It looked exactly how you'd expect, just as I’d seen so many times on TV as a little girl - the long runway with a throng of photographers at one end and the audience on each side. Before the show started, there was a small group of photographers in the middle of the runway taking pictures of celebrities on the front row. Thankfully, I had grabbed a seat by a fellow Southern girl who was as star struck as me. We hit it off right away as fashion show buddies and star spotters.
We saw singer Leann Rimes and her husband, actress Michelle Trachtenberg, socialite Ivana Trump, and a host of other familiar faces we couldn’t quite put a name with! In between our front-row scanning and celebrity watching, we tried to focus on the fashion show going on!
What struck me the most from the show was how unbelievably skinny the models were. They had terrible posture and had the most expressionless faces ever! Photographers were piled one on top of the other at the end of the runway…I’m such a ham for the camera, I couldn’t stop thinking I would just have to smile when I struck a pose if I were them!
Monique Lhuillier makes gorgeous wedding dresses and ball gowns, so the majority of the looks had long flowy skirts. Only one model tripped up as she reached the end of the runway. Her arms jerked, but she straightened right away and only slightly cracked her blank, expressionless face. I felt bad for her but couldn’t help but enjoy it and wish she had given us more of a facial reaction!

The show was over quickly – lasted maybe 15 minutes? – and Monique came out and took a quick bow. All I know is, the show felt like it was over before it started, and I needed a lot longer to get pictures of the celebrities, audience and models and to take it all in.
After the show, back in the main area of The Tent, I saw Carmen Electra broadcasting for Full Frontal Fashion. She's very tiny, but her skin-tight dress was most unflattering in person!

Back on the street, I had just put my camera back in my bag and opened my umbrella as I waited for the traffic light to change. Who pops out of a Town Car five feet from me but Ivana Trump. I saw her bleached blonde hair and saggy, skinny, tan legs trotting toward me as she hopped into another car and sped up 6th Avenue. She was so close to me I could have grabbed her, but it happened so fast all I could do was stand there with my mouth open.

So, I'd already had a pretty fun day and was pleased with the celebrity sighting I'd been able to do, but next on my fashion show calendar was Just Sweet - Jennifer Lopez's new line. It started at 9:00 PM and was at Eyebeam, a warehouse on West 21st Street between 10th and 11th Avenues. Again, I was supposed to be standing room, but when they finally ushered us into the room – 45 minutes after the “start” time - we were quickly directed to split up and fill seats. The chairs were set up all over the place (not the typical look of the earlier show). The runway for the models took them on a diagonal path through the crowd with the photographers waiting at the end. The runway then zigzagged twice back up through the crowd to exit at the entrance. I was on the front row on the stretch just before the models exited backstage.

When we walked through the black curtains into the room, the first people I saw were the cast of the Fashionista Diaries on Soapnet! My roommate and I are addicted to this show, so I had to keep myself from talking to them like I actually knew them!

My angle for this show was not the greatest for celebrity spotting, but that didn’t stop me from craning my neck and practically turning completely around in my seat to see who was near. Just before the show started, Tommy Hilfiger slipped in! I watched him quite a bit, but I couldn't get a good picture.

The show was really cool, and I paid more attention to the clothes than I did the first show of the day. I loved the models' bright make up by Flirt Cosmetics and long wavy hair. I marveled at how their skinny mini legs could balance on the platform stiletto heels! The models passed by me so close I had to be careful to keep my feet off the runway so I wouldn’t trip them.

During the second set of clothes, a model dressed as a fairy sat on a swing and rocked back and forth the whole time the girls walked. It was a nice and whimsical touch, but the swing was positioned right beside the models entrance/exit spot. I found myself being very entertained by watching the exiting models start, stop, wait, and stumble as they tried to pick the best time to pass by the swinging fairy.

After the models’ final parade around the room, I looked up and there stood J. Lo herself! My world was complete chaos during her walk down the runway. My camera battery was dying, so it took 40 million years for the camera to get ready to take another picture! Since I was more concerned with my camera functionality than applauding and watching her, I really didn't get the full J. Lo-watching experience. You'll have to take my word for it that right after she walked back up the runway, she stopped, Marc Anthony stood up (I had no idea he’d been sitting there!) and they proceeded to hug and kiss about 15 feet from me. It was an exciting moment marred by my defunct camera - I would have had the perfect picture!

I stood in the hallway for a bit after the show, watching the Fashionista Diaries cast and people like Mya and Marc Anthony walk out. I knew the excitement level was high when my normally never star struck friend Lauren who is always telling me, “please don’t get your camera out now!” was poking me and whispering, “Oh my gosh!” under her breath!

Now all the hustle and bustle around Bryant Park is over, but the television coverage is still going strong. Last night I watched Full Frontal Fashion, and when Carmen Electra introduced the Monique Lhuillier show, I pulled my chair right in front of the TV for a front row seat. As I watched with my mesmerized trance, I spotted in the dark audience a red-headed girl in a crisp white shirt take a picture from about four rows back. I smiled knowing I’d been part of something really fantastic by getting to watch the show live in person. It gave me a new respect for the business, a new excitement for the fashion, a new appreciation for the months of work required for the few minutes we see on TV. But still, I couldn’t help but giggle as again I watched the tripping model’s arms flail!

Monday, September 17, 2007


Sunday night's Emmys brought out these Crimson leading ladies, could they be Sabanettes too? Probably not, but it does seem the season for red! Heidi Klum, Mary Louise Parker, Kate Walsh, and Ali Larter all opted for the sultry shade. So as you make your fall gala plans, keep this gorgeous glam color in mind.

Plus my favorite color for fall - this gorgeous citron yellow worn by Minnie Driver.