Thursday, April 19, 2007


Jeans shopping is right below swimsuit shopping when it comes to most dreaded fitting room moments. Only recently with designer denim has shopping for jeans become more bearable and even fun. With so many specialty jean designers, the elusive ‘perfect pair’ of jeans is not so out of reach. Once you find that perfect pair you will want to do everything in them. Local chicettes went to Birmingham’s hot denim spots and picked their favorites:

Jessica Hill, Forest Park
1. WILLIAM RAST, style Savoy Denim Trouser $220
a. Straight leg cut made larger thighs look thinner and legs look longer
b. Stitching on back pockets is cute and the fit on the bottom was flattering
(Found at SWANK in Mountain Brook Village located in Jane Simon

2. DENIM FOR IMMORTALITY Juno $188 and up
a. Known to not stretch out
b. Mid to low rise, boot cut, flattering on bottom
(Found at DOREE in SOHO)

3. DAVID KAHN, Heidi (butt enhancer) $196 (MY FAVORITE)
a. Considered a low rise, but nothing you would have to worry about
b. The way the pockets are placed in back, enhances the bottom
c. Cut bigger through thigh and hip area, made for curvier people
d. Also liked the clean, classic cut and style of this jean. Had that designer look and style that you could wear for many occasions.
(Found at THEODORA in Homewood)

Courtney Gleysteen, Crestline Park
Body Type: TALL and SLENDER
1. TRUE RELIGION skinny jean, dark wash $215 and up
a. Great length, very very low cut- problems bending over without showing a little too much
b. Not a ton of stretch
(Found at SAKS FIFTH AVENUE at The Summit and now DOREE at SOHO!)

2. HUDSON flared, dark wash $154 and up
a. Great back pocket flaps
b. Lift your butt and extend you legs a TON!!
c. People always comment how long my legs look.
(Found at LAURA KATHRYN in Crestline Village)

3. CITIZENS Ingred long flare jean $150 and up
a. Love these and live in these jeans.
b. Flared leg, fitted through legs and butt well.
c. Great back pocket design.
d. Perfect amount of stretch- great for going out or for eating pizza at home.
(Found at SAKS FIFTH AVENUE at The Summit)

Amy Bailey, Hoover
Body Type: PETITE
1. TRUE RELIGION Johnny Super T and Julie Skinny $215 and up
a. Fit the butt perfect but not too tight in the legs
b. Great pocket design
c. If the pockets hit right your butt looks great, if they hit too low try another style!
d. Have to hem unless they are the skinny jeans you can scrunch up
(Found at SAKS FIFTH AVENUE at The Summit and now at DOREE at SOHO!)

2. JOE’S JEANS Petite Provocateur $159
a. Made for petite frames!!!
b. Great fit with a little stretch
(Found at SOCA CLOTHING in Southside

3. !IT Jeans Penny Dirty Dancer Cropped $65
a. Cropped is very stylish for spring and summer
b. Great fit in butt and relaxed in legs so they are not the least bit too tight
c. Look very chic paired with a cute top and heels
(Found at LARA at Patton Creek)

Shannon Mayock, Vestavia
1. SERAFONTAINE denim: dark wash $196
a. Amazing fit on the legs-- complimentary, hugging hips and thighs
b. Good flair on lower portion, which makes hips look smaller.
c. Though ostentatious butt pockets: not a complimentary fit on butt.
(Found at DOREE at SOHO)

2. HABITUAL $189 and up
a. Amazing fit on legs--hugged inner thigh well
b. Hugged knees then flaired
c. Great on the butt: very intricate big pockets that pushed the butt up and gave good coverage.
(Found at SOCA CLOTHING in Southside)

3. PAPER DENIM & CLOTH $99 and up
a. Good for Fridays at work
b. These fit well and do not show off too much curvage
c. Covers your butt rather than emphasize.
(Found at SAKS FIFTH AVENUE at The Summit)


YP Birmingham and Rotaract enjoyed a night of fundraising, fun people, and fun fashion at Workplay April 5 sponsored by Schaeffer Eye Center.

Investment guru Zandie Moyo looks sharp in a black shirt dress with a tan and black scarf tied around the neck. Publicist Shannon Mayock always brings style wearing a dark blue wrap dress from Banana Republic with dark blue undershirt and white leather tote from Banana Republic. Braided belt from Anthropologie. Sweater from mom's closet!

Photographer Arden Ward is wearing a shirt from Cache and pants white jeans from BCBG and Aldo shoes. Belt from Parisian, purse by Christian Dior, and sunglasses by Christian Dior. Holly Lollar is wearing a spring woven suit from Parisian Signature, shoes from Nine West, and jewelry from Atlanta Fashion Mart.

These girls set the stage for fashion - Bella Bridesmaid owner Charlotte Thompson chose a very Grace Kelly shirt dress with flared skirt, Project Runway designer Heidi Elnora looks great in a green suit. Jeana Lee, with Bella Bridesmaid, shows off Americana chic in blue jeans, crisp white top and black leather belt.

Party planner extradonair Joy Myers shows off uber sophistication with her Schaeffer shades pictured here with the always dashing Dr. Schaeffer who sponsored the event.

Taking full advantage of the swag bags, Brittany Maness wore gold hoops from Francesca's Collection at The Summit (every YP's new fave store), strapless tube dress from Forever 21, chocolate brown cardigan from Arden B, and chocolate brown shoes with bow from BCBG, while Aware Cosmetics owner Jestina Howard looks dressed for success in a mod silk top with black vest.

Fashionista Kelly La Fleur sports a must have of the season the cropped swing jacket, the beige jacket can be found at Express.

These guys sport the trusty button down and jeans paired with great smiles, Southern men can always make it work.

Is it any wonder why YP's are considered to be so fashionable - from great designer denim to fab to jewelry to the very in style jersey mini dress these young professionals know their style!

Alison Howell and Jessi Grizzard grab a cocktail at Workplay and always look picture perfect.

Watson and Lee are always stylish, especially when posing with this cute fashionista, red jewelry with black is so chic.

YP regulars Katherine Marsh and Rebecca Mummert take a break from mingling to enjoy a little girl chat with friends.


Escape to Cabo for a weekend in luxury. Nestled at the tip of the Baja Peninsula this Hollywood hot spot has become known for its plush waterfront resorts, relaxing beaches, incredible margaritas, and championship golf courses.
From beds on the beach to euphoric tequila, Cabo is a playground paradise.

Where to Stay:
Las Ventanas and One & Only Palmilla are drenched in luxury and well worth the price, however Cabo offers a variety of resorts. A very affordable option that is luxurious and perfect for the younger set is Pueblo Bonito Pacifica With huge opulent beds on the beach, a holistic spa, minimalist décor, and large suites, Pacifica is nestled on the Pacific side of Cabo where the waves are so magnificent that people sit on the beach at sunset and just watch. Something many people do not know about Cabo is there are only a few places where you can get in the water because the waves have such a powerful riptide. The heart of Cabo is just a 5 minute shuttle away. You can use the resort’s shuttle that leaves every hour on the hour or you can grab a taxi. However, you will most likely not want to leave the resort.

What To Do:
There are plenty of water activities in Cabo, when booking your trip ask your travel agent about snorkeling and deep sea fishing, so that these are already booked for you before you get there. It makes for a very easy trip. The snorkeling tours are amazing you will see angel fish, parrot fish, and many more, while also enjoying meals and cocktails. Cabo is known for its Marlin, so set aside a day so you can charter a boat and get your catch of the day. There are also services through your charter company that will help you ship the fish back to the United States.

Where To Eat:
You do not want to miss these top 5 authentic Cabo dining experiences:
1. Mi Casa – a huge thatched restaurant with divine enchiladas and potent margaritas. After one visit it will be evident why people go on hiatus in Mexico. This is also where Jennifer Aniston spent New Years Eve '06!
2. The Office – eat right on the beach, this popular dining destination is a must serving up Baja crabs, shrimp enchiladas, and delicious frozen concoctions.
3. Panchos –named after Pancho Villa this hole in the wall Mexican restaurant has the best Chile Relleno in the world and boasts over 500 varieties of tequila. In fact, if you want a tequila that they do not have, your meal is on the house!
4. Esperenza – known as Gwyneth’s fave hotel, this resort also boats an incredible restaurant with gourmet Mexican cuisine. You sit overlooking the water as the waves crash.
5. Las Ventanas Sea Grille – this maybe the most expensive meal you have ever had, but this 7 course meal with authentic Mexican ingredients is amazing. Started off with a tequila sampling and fresh guacamole, followed with decadent entrée after decadent entrée. The Sea Grille makes for a romantic atmosphere because it is positioned out on a deck open to the night sky and windows all around.

Things You Should Know:
1. Do not talk to strangers – they are trying to sell you something the minute you step off the plane from timeshares to drugs to jewelry.
2. Tell people you are 25 so they do not harass you about timeshares (apparently you have to be 26 to take advantage).
3. Stock up on tequila – because bottles are so inexpensive there!
4. The margaritas are absolutely incredible, but very potent!
5. Look before you swim because in almost all areas of Cabo, the powerful riptide of the waves makes the water not swimmable. (However there are several swimming beaches (like Lover's Beach when you're feeling hot, hot, hot) and plenty of places for snorkeling.)

For bookings contact Adventure Travel at 205.444.4800 and ask for Penni or visit

Monday, April 16, 2007


The Stoli Doli is a phenomenal drink made with (you guessed it) Stoli Vodka that is pineapple infused. Once you mix the pineapple with the vodka you let it sit for several days until the delicious fruity flavor instills throughout. The infusion also produces a smoothness that makes this drink so easy to enjoy. Now that your mouth is watering to try this drink, I have some news: it is illegal in Alabama for restaurants to infuse and sell liquor, so this heavenly piece of paradise cannot be served at local restaurants. However you can make it and serve it in your home and of course for all you travelers, here are a few suggestions on where to find the best!
1. Capital Grille (with locations in Atlanta, DC, and all over the United States visit
2. Stephanie’s in Boston on Newberry Street (absolutely delicious!)
3. Bar 2222 in Houston (known for their decadent version of the drink)

“Capital Grille has pineapple flown in from Hawaii and it is sliced and put into a large, glass jar. The jar is then filled with Stoli vodka and left to sit for seven days. You can’t touch it until day eight. The result is no bite— just a nice, pineapple taste. We serve it in a martini glass.” —Jim Kinney, general manager, Capital Grille

Your very own recipe so at least you and your friends can enjoy this restaurant illegal elixir!
• 1 fresh pineapple, cut into pieces
• 1 (750 milliliter) bottle good quality vodka
Place the pineapple pieces into a large container, and pour the vodka over them. Cover, and refrigerate for 3 to 4 days. Strain out pineapple, and serve vodka over ice with a pineapple garnish. Aloha taste buds!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


It's the color of wealth and all that is royal and divine, and though my obsession may not match that of the ancient Aztecs, I love gold. This season gold is hotter than ever from shoes to cell phones. Gold will add shine to any lackluster wardrobe.

Ooh la la, gold shoes are sexy and these platform Mayra wedges from Coach are the perfect shoe for the spring and summer. Coach at The Summit or Riverchase Galleria $268.

YSL is always inventive with their packaging and these lipsticks are a fabulous gold accessory for your purse and with a click you can check yourself out in its built in mirror. Saks at The Summit $30.

Your future's so bright and it's only getting better! With Chrome Hearts being the name to know in sunglasses, these are the perfect gold shades for all you fashion golddiggers. Chrome Hearts "Boned" available at Schaeffer Eye Centers.

Look no further over the rainbow, this Opera clutch by Aldo can be your pot of gold for an extraordinary price! Aldo at The Summit $29.99.

Gold shorts from Juicy Couture are a glitzy match to show off your golden tan (or spray tan). Available online at and on sale right now!

Wrap your waist in this gold belt from Francesca's Collection $14.

MOTORAZR™ V3xx 3G phone for Cingular Wireless, features the famous RAZR slim shape, premium metallic finish and advanced technology such as photo messaging and Bluetooth wireless. Visit your local Motorola cell phone provider $289.

Jennifer Behr headbands add a hint of gold that will catch all the pirates' eyes. Saks Fifth Avenue at The Summit $55.

As we debate whether to mini or not to mini, this Gold Mini dress by Mint is a must for all you dare devil fashionistas. Just remember don't go so short that you show off the gold! Mint is found locally at Laura Kathryn in Crestline Village or online at, this item is currently on sale online for $204.