Tuesday, October 30, 2007


by Jestina Howard

Is It Time to Throw Your Makeup Away? The reality is old makeup can be scary! Being a makeup artist for 20 years, I've consulted with a lot of ladies and one thing I've noticed when looking through their makeup bags or drawers is most ladies don't know when to throw away their cosmetics. I've run across blue eye shadow from the 70s and frosted pink lipstick from the 80s THIS year, that's not good!

Here is a simple guide of how long you should keep your products:
Mascara- 3 months
Lipgloss and Lipstick- 1-2 years
Pencil Eyeliner- 2 years
Liquid and Gel Eyeliner- 6-8 months
Loose and Pressed Face Powder - 2 years
Powder Eyeshadow and Blush- 2 years
Cream Eyeshadow and Blush - 12-18 months
Cream Concealer and Compact Foundation- 12-18 months
Oil Free Liquid Foundation- 1 year
Natural/Mineral Foundations- 6-8 months
Nailpolish- 1 year

If you're STILL not sure when to throw something away keep these two things in mind:
1. If it smells bad or have a distinct odor, get rid of it quick!
2. If you don't remember when you bought the product, throw it away immediately!
Also I have found the coolest and easiest way to keep up with when to retire products- Timestrips. They are single use, disposable expiration stickers you place on your products which track both time and temperature. 50 strips per pack $14.50, available at http://www.timestrip.com/.

Stay beautilious,
Pro Makeup Artist/Founder
of Aware Cosmetics & Makeup Services

Monday, October 29, 2007


The Gatsby Get Down at Speakeasy on October 18th was a fab flapper affair. Several people dressed up in 1920's garb and enjoyed drinks by Pernod Ricard, jazz from the Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame, and mingling. Vote for the Best Dressed, your votes determine who will win a shopping package full of fall must haves and gift certificates valued at over $400!

From left to right Krista Conlin, Jaime Sullivan, Jessica Hill, and Caprenia Anthony.

Ashley Anne Harrison and Jane Wagner looking very modern flapper.

Jessica Hill even sporting feathers in her headband photographed with Frances Corbin in mod flapper attire.

Jenny Powers in a gray dancing dress and feather flapper headband.

Coming to the BJCC November 27-December 2. For Dirty Rotten Discounts contact Brooke at 328-8222.

Jane Wagner with Krilecia Reardon decked out in 20's attire perfect for doing the Charleston.

Carron Clem looking very modern in her drop waist flapper dress with opaque tights with Amanda Veach-Cook.

Kate Cooper always looks stylish and won the password contest receiving a bootlegging bag full of goodies.

1920' girls from left to right Ginny Conner, Shana Burke, Lyndsey McIntyre, and Amanda Hannah.

The Reardons certainly came dressed for the occasion. Kudos to Drew for dressing up in gangster style.

Will Aycock and Brian Thurber may not be decked out in twenties garb but are always looking sharp at YP events.


With an abundance of Halloween parties to go to and Hand in Paw's Wine Diva event tomorrow night click here for tickets and info on this fab women's only event equipped with incredible prizes and swag bags, what better opportunity to dress as your favorite fashionista or diva. My Scoop has 10 costume ideas to help you dress as your favorite or 'not so' favorite fashionista this holiday. Don't miss My Scoop's Best Dressed contest at Wine Diva October 30th - win a divine diva package with a gift certificate to Gus Mayer, gift certificate to Manahattan South, and more if you are chosen by readers as the Best Dressed Diva!

Every girl loves Audrey Hepburn. She was a style icon for Hollywood costume designers and fashion designers like Givenchy and Ferragamo. What you need: long black dress, long black gloves, big diamond necklace and earrings, tiara, long cigarette holder if you can find one, and an up do.

Queen Editrix, Vogue's Anna Wintour, is a great fashionista costume. What you need: big sunglasses, stylish dress, great shoes, a cropped do or wig, and also a long fur. Nicknamed Cruella de ville of fashion for her love of fur.

Donatella Versace - spoofed on Saturday Night Live because of her bodacious personality all you have to do is wear a long blond wig and a tight fitting black dress while talking in a raspy deep voice.

The queen of excess known for her love of dresses, Marie Antoinette is a great costume. For this one you may want to rent garb from a costume shop and bring a little cake to pass out to guests.

New American resident fashionista Posh Spice would be a fun one to dress up as. What you need: short cropped blond hair, tight clothing perhaps a British tee, big sunglasses, and buff arm candy in a tight fitting white tee and gelled hair.

Grab 2 other girls buy 3 long satin gowns (maybe you have 3 of the same bridesmaid dresses), long gloves, and practice those vocals in case anyone asks for some impromptu singing from the Dream Girls.

Maybe not your favorite fashionistas, but The Olsens certainly have a style that is recognized and easily mimicked. What you need: A friend, jeans, long sweater, big handbag, big sunglasses, two Starbucks cups, and you are good to go.

With an Hermes bag even named after her Grace Kelly's style could be puffy 50's dress or nice tailored suit accompanied with a Hermes Kelly bag. Grab a guy in a suit who can play Cary Grant and you've got the To Catch a Thief duo.

Naomi Campbell known for her erratic behavior with a recent incident this weekend at London's airport. Deck yourself out in glamorous garb: a fur, sunglasses, long black wig, and studded cell phone. Have your friend dress up as Naomi's assistant equipped with a few bruises.

Want to go mod? Mimic Edie Segdwick's style: short black dress, opaque tights, lots of eye make up, and big earrings (cigarette and constant drink in hand optional).

Friday, October 26, 2007


My Scoop's Style Girl of the Month is Jenifer Champ Wallis, 27, Attorney at Campbell, Gidiere, Lee, Sinclair & Williams

Jenifer at the Want It! Party wearing a purple wool Diane von Furstenberg dress.

Jenifer in a bell-sleeved jacket perfect for the office from topshop.com.

In Walter at the YP Oscars Party.

This dress by DVF screams Roll Tide making it perfect for Game Day attire.

Favorite Designers: Diane von Furstenberg (in case you could not have guessed), Elijah, David Meister, Karen Millen, Cynthia Steffe, Charles Nolan

Favorite luxury designers: Monique Lhuillier, Yves Saint Laurent

Favorite regional places to shop: Saks Fifth Avenue, Francesca's Collection, and Karen Millen in Atlanta

Favorite Online places to shop: saks.com, neimanmarcus.com, topshop.com, endless.com

Thursday, October 25, 2007


The perfect time to shop is now. With the weather getting colder and the holidays upon us it is time to take advantage of great discounts. The Junior League's Shop Save Share card savings begin tomorrow and go through November 4. My Scoop did a little shopping investigation to show you how much you could save in the next 2 weeks:

1. French Connection flapper style dress from Swank 35223(click here to see) $198 with Shop Save Share = $158.40

2. Michael Stars tshirt from Private Gallery at The Summit $58 = $46.40

3. Generation Dog Bella Bag $14.99 = $11.99

4. John Hardy earrings from Bromberg's $275 = $220

5. Hot stone massage from Richard Joseph $75 = $60

6. Vanessa Barantes dress from Doree (click here to see) $210 = $168.00

7. Christmas cards from Weddings Etc TBD (since these are custom the discount varies)

8. Swivel glider from Bellini Baby $329 and up = $263 and up

9. Burberry tie for him from Gus Mayer $125 = $100

10. Baby gift from Lamb's Ear Barefoot Dreams baby outfit $38 = $30.40

11. Planter for your holiday topiary from Elegant Earth at The Arbor in the design district $100 and up = $80 and up

12. Fish Tacos at The Cantina at Pepper Place $8 = $6.40

13. Holiday dress by Kay Unger from Saks Fifth Avenue at The Summit $330 = $264

14. Chantelle Body Sculpt bra from The Fitting Touch at Vestavia City Center $68 = $54.40

15. Hat box chocolate gift for your favorite client from Crave Chocolate at Patton Creek $55 = $44

For a $40 purchase that goes to support the Junior League's 33 outreach programs, this card is more than worth the savings. On our shopping investigation, My Scoop saved over $377 (excludes holiday cards from Weddings Etc since these are custom ordered, so in reality even more savings!)


I was delighted to have the opportunity today to meet the incredibly talented Kay Unger. She hosted a meet and greet at Saks Fifth Avenue at The Summit from 11-5. At 11 the store was packed with guests while the afternoon allowed more one on one time with Kay, who even helped me into some fabulous dresses that would be ideal for the holidays. The jewel tones are gorgeous and the varying 50's inspired necklines on several cocktail dresses added that extra umph us fashionistas look for. I was also very pleased to find cute, sexy dresses from Kay's younger geared line, Phoebe Couture.
Of course the company was nice too. Glamazons Anne Bromberg and Misty Luna looked gorgeous as always while an incognito visit by a slim and handsome Hicks (that would be our American Idol) was quite fun. Who knew Taylor was a fashionisto! From being zipped up by Kay to having her take interest in My Scoop, was quite a delightful experience. What a fun fashionista Thursday!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Bonnie Fuller, the former Editor in Chief at Us Weekly, and one of the most gossiped about women on the planet, wrote a book about her jam-packed life that is inspiring and motivating. The book, The Joys of Much Too Much: Go For The Big Life, The Perfect Guy, and Everything Else You've Ever Wanted (Even If You Don't Think You Have What It Takes), gives women blunt advice on how she has found success in her life, family, and career. Bonnie who I witnessed first hand in the Us Weekly office, some say is like a machine, however when that machine would stop me in the hallway and bring me into her office to ask my opinion on the latest cover, I gained a deep respect for someone who was so focused on their product they sought out other's opinions over their own.
Her book is full of 'Fullerisms' to inspire the modern woman to go after their dreams and realize that in doing so it doesn't mean you have a well-balanced life - it means you have a busy, jam-packed life and each day is full:

"After years of trying to make a living at something I love while raising a family, I've come to the conclusion that a jam-packed, maxed-out, full-to-the-very-top existence is the secret to an insanely happy life, no matter what those odes to "simplicity" say to the contrary.
I've pretty much written off the possibility of ever having peace and quiet in my life. I guess that somewhere along the line I made the decision that I'd rather lead a life that's a blur than one that's a bore."

One of the book's best chapters, Never Facing the Facts, is a life lesson in something every woman faces - negative voices. We hear them from the time we are born telling us what we can and cannot do. They are 'Debbie Downers' and may be friends, family, coworkers, or even a significant other. Their own insecurity and worry convinces them to say doom and gloom comments to you:

We all have those nagging doubts, those little voices in our heads that tell us, "You're nuts, you'll never even make it..."
When those evil whisperers burrow inside your head, stop whatever you're doing, and think for a moment: Who is doing this trash talking? A relentless critical, unsupportive teacher; an insecure parent, passing on his or her own self-doubts and insecurities; a lover who can't wait to kick you while you're down? A boss or coworker threatened by your work ethic or your talent? Or is it a nagging, negative inner voice?
Start tuning them out, literally. These are voices you know better than to listen to. Every time the negative voices start, you have to consciously tell yourself, "No-no-no, I'm not listening; I'm going to think about something else," or start reading a book, or do some work, or make a phone call.

This goes back to the tried and true statement by Earl Nightingale: You are what you think. If you think negatively you get negative results. If you think positively you get positive results. One of the easiest things in the world to do is never go after your dreams out of fear of the naysayers. It is much harder to take the plunge and go for the big life, however if you ask most successful entrepreneurs they never felt like they were taking a risk. Their idea or dream was so ingrained in their thoughts that it became something they just had to do.

Bonnie's book is a great guide for any modern woman who has dreams and desires, any woman looking to have a career and a family. It reminds us what's important and what's not (i.e. having all your cans in the pantry face the same way). So forget about a balanced life and realize that when you want to do something you just have to do it.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I adore the mod look. Shortened for 'modernist' and defined by sculpted edges. This look originated in London in the late 1950's and reached its peak in the 60's. Want to be a mod girl? Here is what you need: A-line dress, opaque tights, chunky shoes, defined eyes, a chin length hair style (think Posh Spice), and an oh- so funky attitude. These black and white dresses with their geometric shapes are great additions to the mod girl's closet.

I love this simple mod Vanessa Barantes White Column dress $210 at Doree at SOHO.

Go retro in Tibi $375. Tibi can be found at Saks Fifth Avenue at The Summit, Susan G. Matthews in Mountain Brook Village, or Laney's Place at SOHO.

So mod, so affordable! Alice Temperley for Target $49.99.

Tory Burch does Twiggy $295. Tory Burch can be found at Gus Mayer at Colonial Brookwood Village.


Mint by Jodi Arnold (native Birmingham designer) black and white mod coat $594. Mint can be found at Susan G. Matthews in Mountain Brook Village, Laura Kathryn in Crestline Village or Neimanmarcus.com.

Ella Moss striped dress $171. Ella Moss can be found at Lara at Patton Creek or Saks Fifth Avenue at The Summit.

This dress is perfect to pair with opaque tights and turtleneck on cold nights. Sally Tseng Bugsy dress $319. Tseng can be found exclusively at Swank 35223.

Michael Stars black trapeze jersey dress $138. Michael Stars can be found at Emma's at Lee Branch, The Clothes Tree off Acton Road, Private Gallery at The Summit, and Betsy Prince at Colonial Brookwood Village.

A perfect mod dress - Karta $334 at Saks.com.

Monday, October 22, 2007


Thank God for fashion. I was looking back and contemplating how my passion to be in fashion media began. Was there a deciding point? It occurred to me that throughout out my life there were signs and decisions that sent me in this direction. From the idea of hosting a Fashion TV show for tweens at age 10 to designing my own homecoming dress to subscribing to Harper's Bazaar at age 14 to being Fashion Editor of my college paper. The stars truly aligned to get me where I am today. I remember the feeling of 'having to move to New York', not just a want or desire but a deep ingrained calling to fulfill a dream I had since childhood. As I moved with no job, I still felt this calling and I knew I just had to do it. Meeting Ingela Ratledge at Us Weekly led to a part time job there and I also found a part time job at the Anna Sui boutique in New York. The stress of not having a full time job was taking its toll. I wondered how could I afford to be in this expensive city? After interviewing for full time positions at Us Weekly, Rolling Stone, Health, and Sport Illustrated, I waited - my hope was for the Us Weekly position to come through, because I loved the environment.

I remember it being a cold night and praying as I walked down Madison Avenue to my apartment for a sign should I stay? Is this for me? I loved walking down Madison Avenue because I found solace in fashion - whether or not I could afford it, I at least could appreciate the incredible access to it that New York provided. To me it was inspiring to be around such creativity, such style. As I walked past Barney's, Valentino, Donna Karan, I decided to go into the Ralph Lauren boutique and look around. I encountered a sales clerk from Texas and she quickly picked up on my Southern accent. She then proceeded to tell me how she had such a hard time when she moved and she just couldn't find a job. But she stuck with it and now was acclimated to the city and enjoyed every second of it. I left the store without any purchases but full of new encouragement. Those were the words I needed to hear. I called my boyfriend to tell him of my new Southern encounter and as we were talking, I had another call on my cell. I switched over to find a full time offer for Senior Advertising Coordinator at Us Weekly. That day changed my life and it has been uphill ever since, challenging yes, but everyday inspiring.

So Ralph Lauren may be known as a billion-dollar fashion business, but to me an angel in really great clothes.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Feeling jazzy? A big trend this season is the 1920’s inspired look. These great dresses look oh so Gatsby and are too dolled up not to love. So conjure your inner Daisy Buchanan and head to the nearest Speakeasy for a little flapper fun.

French Connection dress (above) can be found at Swank 35223 in Mountain Brook Village $198.

This gorgeous silver sequined garb by Nanette Lepore was worn by Elizabeth Drennen at the Want It! Party at Saks. Saks Fifth Avenue $465.

Simple and chic this black dress can be found for a steal at Francesca's Collection at The Summit $68.

Saks Fifth Avenue at The Summit Announcing Jo Malone Launching mid-November

Bright blue Tracy Reese dress is flirty and fun, perfect for the 1920's doll. Tracy Reese can be found at Marella in Mountain Brook Village $308.

Get jazzy in this Juicy Couture number. Saks Fifth Avenue $168.

Elizabeth and James, named after the Olsens' younger sister and older brother is a new 'eclectic, upscale' line from the twins. This rainbow sequin dress is too fabulous and is now back ordered at stores carrying the line. Intermix, Neiman Marcus, and Bergdorf Goodman $495.

This Oh Deer 20's inspired shoe with sequins will put a little jitterbug in your step. Oh Deer shoes can be found locally at Manhattan South in the Cahaba Village Shopping Center off Highway 280 next to Whole Foods.

Don't miss your opportunity to get down Gatsby style at Speakeasy Thursday night, October 18th. Click here for more information.